Emergency Wedding Day Kit – Essentials for the Indian Bride! 

We always wish for brides and grooms to have the best time on their wedding day.   However it doesn’t hurt to plan for the ‘just in case’ situations.    A pre-packed and prepared emergency wedding day kit will ensure you have all the essentials for your big day to give you some peace of … Continue reading “Emergency Wedding Day Kit – Essentials for the Indian Bride! “

The First 5 Things You Must Do When Planning An Indian Wedding 

Have you recently got engaged?  And are you going start planning your big Indian wedding?  If so, keep reading!……..Before you go to any wedding shows or start booking wedding suppliers or buy that gorgeous dress, read our list of the first 5 things you must do when planning an Indian wedding.    Planning a wedding isn’t as glamourous as many may think.  In … Continue reading “The First 5 Things You Must Do When Planning An Indian Wedding “

Honeymoon in Tanzania

If you are looking for a honeymoon you will never forget and have memories that will be engraved in your mind for a lifetime look no further than East Africa.  With the exhilaration experience, of without a doubt, the best safari spots in the world combined with the splendour and beauty of the beaches and … Continue reading “Honeymoon in Tanzania”

Why getting a Personal Trainer will enhance your wedding day!

Your wedding date is confirmed and you know that there are going to be hundreds of friends and family present, thousands of pictures taken, hours of video clips and you are going to be the centre of all of this attention!!! So with all of this in mind – it is only natural that you … Continue reading “Why getting a Personal Trainer will enhance your wedding day!”

Top 5 Historical Asian Wedding Venues in Central London

Wedding Venues in Central London often offer a level of opulence and grandeur, in particular the venues with significant historical background.   In this blog we share with you 5 of our favourites.  If you are looking for a venue in London be sure to check these out! 1 – De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms … Continue reading “Top 5 Historical Asian Wedding Venues in Central London”

Wedding Insurance for Asian Weddings

Your parents have been looking forward to your wedding since the day you were born and so when you find your soul mate and feel like the happiest person ever, everyone is ready to celebrate your wedding in style. But there is one amazing fact – did you know that the average cost of an … Continue reading “Wedding Insurance for Asian Weddings”

Buying Beautiful Imitation Jewellery for all your Wedding Events

You have finally bought your wedding outfits and now it’s time to accessorise 🙂  The tradition to buy and wear Gold Jewellery for your wedding has been overpassed by the rising costs of Gold and influx of designers making and selling Imitation Jewellery that looks exactly like high-end Jewellery.  Whilst many can maintain that tradition … Continue reading “Buying Beautiful Imitation Jewellery for all your Wedding Events”

The Right and Wrong way to start your Wedding Planning

The best way to start your wedding planning is by creating a Budget Tracker.  Plan & Wed offers you a free budgeting tool so head over and create an account for your wedding.   You dont want to jump into booking a venue without really knowing how much you can spend on hiring the venue.   Continuing in … Continue reading “The Right and Wrong way to start your Wedding Planning”

Why a Mini-Moon may lead to a better Honeymoon

  A lot of you may be planning for a honeymoon straight after your wedding but we wanted to throw a spanner into the works and perhaps give you another option, which may even work better for you in the long run – a mini-moon!  For those of you who may not know a mini-moon … Continue reading “Why a Mini-Moon may lead to a better Honeymoon”

Ways to Save on Your Wedding Costs

If you are on tight budget for your wedding or wish to not spend all your savings on one day 🙂  So read below on how you can save wedding costs and still have a great day without losing that touch of glam.   Asian Wedding can be very expensive but at the same time … Continue reading “Ways to Save on Your Wedding Costs”

Top Tips to have a Quiet Indian Wedding Ceremony

It goes without saying that your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life.  You have invited lots people that are close you to be there to share this momentous occasion.  You want them to enjoy the day and take home lots of great memories.  One of the things you need to … Continue reading “Top Tips to have a Quiet Indian Wedding Ceremony”

The Wedding Photo List

The “formal” photos of the Bride and Groom’s family and friends normally happens after the wedding ceremony is over.  A prepared Photo List is so important to have during this time.  Typically this is a period of chaos where people do not know if they are going to be in a picture or whether they … Continue reading “The Wedding Photo List”

Dear Groom, Top 5 Tips to help plan your wedding!

Dear Brides, Last month we went to an Asian Wedding Show and spoke to lots of couples about how their wedding planning was going. Amongst other things we wanted to find out who had taken the lead in the wedding planning and also how the wedding planning was shared amongst the Bride and the Groom. Not … Continue reading “Dear Groom, Top 5 Tips to help plan your wedding!”

The Engagement Ring

For most guys, the engagement ring is something that will boggle your mind.  Not because you don’t understand the meaning of it or what it symbolizes, but simply because you can’t quite quantify in your head how something so small can cost so much money.  With that sort of money you can buy a car, … Continue reading “The Engagement Ring”

Wedding Favours – With a Humbling Twist

Planning your wedding is a massive task and so when it comes to providing the obligatory wedding favours for your reception it can be a quick decision without much thought – if it is a quick thought it is usually some form of chocolate in a box!  But when you think about it, there are … Continue reading “Wedding Favours – With a Humbling Twist”

How to Schedule your Indian Wedding Day

So you just got engaged and now you want to begin planning that almighty Big Indian Wedding!!   What is the first things you want to do?  Book a Venue, Book your Maharaj,  Book catering?  All of the above are great places to start, however, something that will make searching and booking suppliers much easier is … Continue reading “How to Schedule your Indian Wedding Day”

The Jaan’s Arrival

Colourful, fun & noisy.  These would be the words that an onlooker would use to describe a Jaan’s arrival to a wedding.  For me it’s the best bit of the wedding.  It marks the beginning of the wedding festivities and sets the tone for the rest of the wedding day!For those that don’t know, the … Continue reading “The Jaan’s Arrival”

The Food Tasting

You have shortlisted the caterers that you would like for your events and then they start to invite you for food tasting – no doubted this is up there with one of the best things that you have to do for your wedding preparations….especially for foodies like me!   First bit of advice – make sure … Continue reading “The Food Tasting”

Top Tips to be relaxed & ready for all your wedding events

The lead up to your wedding day can be busy and stressful.  Juggling work, planning all of your wedding events, meeting with friend and family etc etc….it can all be overwhelming.  To enjoy all your wedding events you need to be relaxed and stress free and relaxation comes with preparation, so here are few points … Continue reading “Top Tips to be relaxed & ready for all your wedding events”

The Conservatory at Painshill Park

Well what can I say…this is an absolutely wonderful wedding venue!  When you begin your search for the perfect place to get married you need to fall in love with it but at the same time you need to have your thinking hat on too.  There is no doubting that the Conservatory at the Painshill … Continue reading “The Conservatory at Painshill Park”

Introducing Plan & Wed!

Plan & Wed has now launched their online Asian wedding planning website to Brides and Grooms across the UK.   On Plan & Wed you will have free access to the tools to help you plan your wedding events.    We understand how daunting it can be to plan multiple events for hundreds of people!! This is … Continue reading “Introducing Plan & Wed!”

The Wedding Cake

Without a doubt the wedding cake is one of the stars at the reception.  SO the question is, do you choose cake or fake?  Some of you may be scratching your head right now wondering what I am on about.  There are three major issues when it comes to cakes at the reception: Cost – To … Continue reading “The Wedding Cake”

Discussing Wedding Finances

Money talks… There is no doubting that Asian weddings are expensive.  That is why it is very important to plan and budget wisely.  This will be the beginning of your life with your partner and for many parent the last major financial outlay.  Even though these days will be special for you and your family, It … Continue reading “Discussing Wedding Finances”

Selecting a Maharaj (Priest)

When you start planning your Indian wedding the first thing you will want to do is book a venue, select your wedding dress and decide which caterers to use.  Many brides and grooms will forget that there is one key person that will have huge impact on the enjoyment factor for your guests at the … Continue reading “Selecting a Maharaj (Priest)”

Mehndi for Your Guests 

The Mehndi night is a great way to start the wedding weekend. It’s an event where everyone relaxes, socializes and has lots of fun. I have been to many of these parties and because I love having mehndi on my hands, I’m usually scouting for the nearest artist as soon as I arrive. However, a … Continue reading “Mehndi for Your Guests “

To Ask or Not to Ask

You maybe thinking this blog is about asking your other half to marry you…but it’s not! This is all about asking the girl’s parents for their daughters hand in marriage and whether to do this at all.  Traditionally a lot of weddings were arranged and so the concept of asking for a daughters hand in … Continue reading “To Ask or Not to Ask”