The Conservatory at Painshill Park

Well what can I say…this is an absolutely wonderful wedding venue!  When you begin your search for the perfect place to get married you need to fall in love with it but at the same time you need to have your thinking hat on too.  There is no doubting that the Conservatory at the Painshill Park is an absolutely stunning venue…nestled within a walled garden within a picturesque park – a place where you can have a “fairytale” wedding in the heart of Surrey.  The pictures speak for themselves….You can love a venue but ultimately it has to be practical too.  Fortunately for Painshill, it completely ticks this box.   Despite being a countryside venue, it is extremely accessible via the A3 – although this may not seem important it really is when you are trying to get 300+ guests from all around London and UK to a single place, in a timely manner! (Also there are hotels close by if guests are planning to let their hair down and stay the night!).  Parking is plentiful at the venue and there are no noise restrictions for Dhol players to get the Jaan started!  The Bharat can make their way towards the venue along a wide scenic tree lined path and if the Groom wants to be on a horse – not a problem! As mentioned, the Conservatory sits within a walled garden, which provides a private feeling to your event.  The guests can enjoy this outdoor space during the parts when the ceremony is not taking place or if the kids need a little run around!  The Conservatory itself has two large sections – one can be used as a foyer area before the guests move into the second section where they will be seated for the wedding or reception.  This section is a versatile space, which allows you a number of options in the way you would like to place the Mandap, tables and chairs!  It has a starlight ceiling, which provides a magical appearance (and looks great in photos!).On the subject of photos…you will not be disappointed!  Painshill have a small buggy, which you can use to take around the grounds to get some beautiful pictures and videos in your wedding and reception outfits.  After a whole morning sitting in a Mandap, the fresh air will do you a world of good too!!Although Painshill have got affiliated caterers, you do not have to stick with them and you have the option to select your own (as long as they have the necessary safety paper work).  Also, amazingly, there is no corkage fee if you bring your own drinks!  I think that these are two massively important points – and along with the fact that the venue is really reasonably priced, it makes this venue really enticing in regards to value for money or the three favourite words us Indians love – “getting a deal”! Well I hope that this has been a helpful insight for a wonderful venue.  The team at the Conservatory is extremely helpful and will provide a coordinator for your special day if required.

To get more information you can contact the venue directly here > The Conservatory at Painshill Park