Why a Mini-Moon may lead to a better Honeymoon


A lot of you may be planning for a honeymoon straight after your wedding but we wanted to throw a spanner into the works and perhaps give you another option, which may even work better for you in the long run – a mini-moon!  Honeymoon Vendors London UKFor those of you who may not know a mini-moon is a small honeymoon (3-6 nights…ish), which you go on straight after your wedding.  Later on in the year you would then go on your longer actual honeymoon.  Now I can hear the question you may be asking…how can this possibly be a better idea than just going on your honeymoon straight away?! Well here are 5 reasons why:


You have just had an astronomical wedding, invoices and bills falling out of your ears and then you go on honeymoon to a lush distant land but when you get there you either don’t have any money to spend or simply feel guilty! By going somewhere more local for a few days, you will certainly save money and have enough time to rest after your wedding festivities.  If you were living at home prior to your wedding and then move out after remember cost of living will also go up and so this may be a way of curbing your expenditure immediately after your wedding!

Time off

Having taken 2-3 weeks off for your wedding preparations, wedding and associated events and then having ANOTHER 2-3 weeks off for your honeymoon you could end up using all of your annual leave in one go. This means no more time off for the rest of the year – this is far from ideal in the first year of married life!! By having just a short trip – you will retain some days off for later in the year!

Better honeymoon

If you are getting married at a peak time (e.g. U.K. summer – July and August) and then going on honeymoon straight after you will be paying high, peak time, prices. One of the great perks about being just-married (assuming you have no kids) is that you can go on holiday outside peak times so that you can get great deals and avoid screaming children!  So you could probably go on your mini-moon and honeymoon, doing it this way, cheaper than doing your honeymoon at peak time!

Better weather (potentially)

If you are getting married in U.K. summer a lot of long haul honeymoon destinations have not so great weather at this time (e.g. Maldives and far-east Asia (rainy season), Aus/NZ (winter)) but the short haul ones do (e.g. Europe)!! So it may be worth considering mini-moon in Europe somewhere and then the honeymoon later in the year further afield

More time to plan

The last thing I wanted to mention is whilst planning your wedding, there is limited time to dedicate to planning your honeymoon. This means you may not have time to explore various different options, you may have to make more rash decisions, spend less time shopping around and ultimately may not get the best honeymoon experience or deal!  After your wedding, you can sit down as a couple, and carefully plan out a trip of a lifetime without knowing that time you spend doing this is eating away at time you may need to plan your wedding!!

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