How to Schedule your Indian Wedding Day

So you just got engaged and now you want to begin planning that almighty Big Indian Wedding!!   What is the first things you want to do?  Book a Venue, Book your Maharaj,  Book catering?

 All of the above are great places to start, however, something that will make searching and booking suppliers much easier is by taking a step back and thinking about how you want your day to flow and how you want your guests to enjoy the wedding.  Wedding Events London UKThis blog post will help you determine the schedule of your day and below I have attached a PDF with different wedding schedules for you to look over.    Most Brides and Grooms follow the traditional format for the day: Wedding in the morning followed by lunch and then a few hours break and then reception in the evening.   Everyone in the Indian Community is familiar with this and you can invite different people to each event! However, if you are a bride who wants something different for the wedding then this is the time to think about it.  

Let me give you an example.  When I got married, I didn’t want to go down that traditional route.  I had been to many weddings where I had to sit around for two-three hours between the wedding and reception because the venue is too far from home and since I had not planned to staying overnight, I had no room to go to.    So in the end I chose to change the order up a little bit!  I had Brunch first, then the Wedding, then Drinks and Canapés and finally a three course plated dinner.   It was a full day event but everyone was able to relax and and have fun catching up with friends and family and even better no changing of clothes or hanging around for the next event to begin!

Although my advice is to avoid trying to cram in too much on your wedding day, sometimes circumstances are such and some couples even need to schedule their registry on the same day as the wedding and reception!  I have included a schedule for this, but remember if you decide to go down this route, the Bride will need to get ready extremely early (most likely the very early hours of the morning) in order to accommodate a day with all these events.  In these cases it may be worth having a quick registry after your indian wedding ceremony that may save you some time.

So take some time out and have a good look at the template schedules we have created for you.  Remember these are only templates to provide you a guideline! Use these and tailor them to how you want your day to be and share the schedule you like with your venue and other wedding suppliers. Throughout your planning process the times may change here or there but at least you have a good base to grow on!

As mentioned previously, before you start booking suppliers, have a think about how you want your wedding to be! Try and do something slightly different to make your guests enjoy a day they will never forget!

Download free wedding schedule templates: Wedding Day Schedules

Plan & Wed will soon be launching the wedding schedule tool to help brides to prepare a detailed schedule for their big day! Watch this space 🙂