Selecting a Maharaj (Priest)

When you start planning your Indian wedding the first thing you will want to do is book a venue, select your wedding dress and decide which caterers to use.  Many brides and grooms will forget that there is one key person that will have huge impact on the enjoyment factor for your guests at the wedding ceremony.  The Maharaj (Priest) – this is the one person that should be at the top of your list to book.Although Indian wedding ceremonies are shorter these days, the ceremony still extends past most people’s attention span 🙂 and therefore having an inviting and well-spoken Maharaj will ensure your guests enjoy every moment of that special ceremony.   In areas such as London where there is a huge Asian community and during wedding seasons (May-Sept) you will be surprised how quickly the priests will get booked up…. especially the entertaining ones!!   Before you finalise the wedding date and confirm availability of your dream wedding venue, don’t forget to check if the priest you like is also available.

So how do you select a good Maharaj??

Although I can give a few pointers on what to look out for, the Maharaj for your wedding really depends on the wedding style, family and location.

1 – Look for priests that are easy to communicate with and will respond efficiently to any questions you may have either by phone or email.

2 – If you are able to, meet with your Priest in advance to discuss your wedding day plans and to also understand what will happen during your wedding ceremony. Being prepared before entering the Mandap will definitely make the wedding ceremony more enjoyable.

3 – If you would like to have a wedding where guests quietly watch the ceremony, make sure you select a Maharaj who is able to talk through the ceremony confidently and respectfully.  If you have guests who do not understand Gujarati or Hindi, then you will want to have a Maharaj that is able to speak English clearly.    Always let the Maharaj know of this beforehand so that he can also prepare.

Wedding styles will differ from family to family.  A good Maharaj will listen to your family’s requirements and will advise clearly on how best to carry out the ceremony with your requirements in mind!