Top Tips to be relaxed & ready for all your wedding events

The lead up to your wedding day can be busy and stressful.  Juggling work, planning all of your wedding events, meeting with friend and family etc etc….it can all be overwhelming.  To enjoy all your wedding events you need to be relaxed and stress free and relaxation comes with preparation, so here are few points of advice for brides-to-be on how you and your family can enjoy every moment of your wedding! 1 – Don’t leave any planning to the last minute 

Here at Plan & Wed we are all about wedding planning  – so you know I have to make this the first point!! 🙂 Make sure all of your wedding plans are in place at least one month before your first wedding event.  A month before call all your suppliers and re-confirm your bookings.   It very easy to forget some of the small and more integral aspects of your wedding, so to avoid this, prepare detailed schedules for each of your events and include times for when caterers need to arrive, set up and serve food, the time guests will arrive, when each stage of the ceremony will commence, time of family photos, when décor will be set up and time any entertainment is to begin.  Add in as much detail as you can! Share the schedule with all your suppliers so everyone knows what is happening throughout the day and when.  This will encourage them to stay within their allocated times to keep your day on schedule! 2 – Your Wedding Day Schedule

Try not to pack too much into your wedding day.  Remember it will take a few hours for your MUA to complete your look and get you ready.   The more you pack into your schedule the earlier you will have to wake up to get ready.   A 4am wake up on the biggest day of your life may not be the best way to start….especially if you are not a morning person!!   After spending months and months of planning, the big day can go by fairly quickly, so space out the wedding schedule to give you more time to enjoy your wedding at a slower pace. 

3 – Delegate Delegate & Delegate some more!! 

If your parents and siblings are left to manage a lot of the tasks during your wedding events, there is no way they will be able to play hosts for your guests and really enjoy the specialness of your wedding.  For each event, make a list of all the tasks that need to take place on the day – for example, let caterers know where to set up or tell photographers that they will be paid at the end of the evening.  Begin to assign relatives and close friends to each task to help your family coordinate the day.   It may be difficult to ask your guests to help you, but just remember that’s what family and friends are for and on most occasions they will honoured that you have asked for their help!! 🙂    By doing this, you, your parents and siblings can entertain and spend quality time with the guests so that everyone feels welcome and enjoy the celebrations. 4 – Spa Treatments 

Ok… so this may be an obvious one… but this truly is a way to make sure you begin to relax before your wedding.   We live such stressful lives so why not treat yourself and indulge! Have regular massages and facials to make sure you are truly relaxed and glowing for all your upcoming wedding events 🙂 

5 – Plenty of ZZZZZ’s

Finally (this is an easy one)  Try and get 8 hours of sleep each night in the lead up to your wedding!  This will help you feel great and full of energy to enjoy these special days!

6 – Wedding Outfits

I’m sharing this tip with you because it really made the start of my wedding events carefree!!  2-3 Weeks before your first wedding event get what you will be wearing for each event organised.  Pack a  separate bag for each event (I used the square saree bags) so on the morning of each wedding event  – you just take that bag out and get ready! No need to rush around looking for things at the last minute!   Tell your parents and siblings to do this as well for the easiest, stress free morning!!

Its very easy to get more busy and be more stressed in the lead up to and during your wedding events and so I hope the above pointers put you on the path to calmness!