Wedding Favours – With a Humbling Twist

Planning your wedding is a massive task and so when it comes to providing the obligatory wedding favours for your reception it can be a quick decision without much thought – if it is a quick thought it is usually some form of chocolate in a box!  But when you think about it, there are a few hundred people at the reception and the favours will typically cost £1-£2.  So lets say you have 300 people at the reception and the favours cost £1.50 – that’s £450!!  Now, that’s not a lot of money when compared to the cost of the whole reception (which can be 10s of 1000s!) but when you think about it, for something most people kind of look at, make a quick comment about and then never think about ever again – that’s a lot of money!  So if you don’t have a unique, quality favour it is worth spending the money in a useful way – anyone can munch some chocolates whenever they want and when you have a full on 3 course Indian meal with wedding cake, most people don’t even eat the chocolates – in fact for most guys they just end up in your pocket and the dry cleaner gets annoyed when you forget to take them out!I went to a wedding reception recently, which had such a great idea for a favour.  When I sat at the table there was smart looking envelope in front of me.  I opened it and inside was small card saying something along the lines of “In lieu of the traditional favours a donation has been made on your behalf to Cancer Research UK to celebrate today’s wedding”.  I thought this was amazing!We all spend a lot of money on our weddings and that is a testament to hard work and sensible saving plans!  But the thing is – in the grand scheme of the world we are amazingly fortunate to have events like this – where we can easily spend a few hundred pounds on favours without much thought.  We were sitting there eating and drinking in a lavish venue and I thought this was a lovely favour and the charitable nature just made the whole event more humbling – a thought had gone out to other people, who may be struggling in life.   This was a favour I have not forgotten, like I have done for many others.Now you might be thinking – what favours did I have at my wedding….well yes – they were chocolates in a box!  In retrospect I wish had a favour with a charitable nature but the thought just did not cross my mind in the manic of planning a wedding – so I just wanted to throw this idea out there, so unlike me – it does enter your mind so you can at least consider it if you haven’t found a brilliant favour you really want or are about to select one for the sake of it!

Visit the Cancer Research Wedding Favours page for more information: Cancer Research Wedding Favours