The Wedding Photo List

The “formal” photos of the Bride and Groom’s family and friends normally happens after the wedding ceremony is over.  A prepared Photo List is so important to have during this time.  Typically this is a period of chaos where people do not know if they are going to be in a picture or whether they should wait for their photo or just go for lunch whilst they are waiting, photos are being taken and a key person is missing and the list goes on!  This period is really important because if you are planning on having a reception on the same day, time is of upmost importance.  You, as the Bride and Groom, will not only need to be in all of the photos, you will need to eat lunch, have pictures taken around the venue and then get ready for the evening’s festivities!  So if the photos are organised well, you will save time and the whole transition from your wedding to the reception will be more efficient and most importantly….less stressful!!!

So we have put together some suggestions to help you with planning how to organise these photos:

1. The Photo ListThe first thing to decide on is who you want to have in these photos. Trying not to offend anyone is fairly important i.e. you don’t want the classic comment “if they are in the picture, then how come I’m not!” #awkward!

2. Organising groups for Photos

Once you have decided on who you want in the photos – you need to decide who to group them with. When it comes to close family some couples like to have every combination of people possible e.g.

  • Brides parents
  • Grooms parents
  • Brides grandparents
  • Grooms grandparents,
  • Brides parents and grandparents together
  • Grooms parents and grandparents together
  • Bride and Grooms parents together
  • Bride and Grooms grandparents together
  • Bride and Grooms parents and grandparents altogether

If you wanted to this could have all be done in one picture with Bride and Grooms parents and grandparents altogether (saving almost half an hour!)  Don’t forget you have uncles, cousins, friends etc. and so this could end up being a very long process for pictures that you may not spend as much time looking at relative to other pictures of your wedding and reception day!

TIP: Plan for each picture to take 4 minutes (after the picture is taken with a particular group there is the customary hugs and handshakes from these guests – it all takes time!!)

3. Letting your guests knowMake sure you assign responsibility to your guests. Once you have drawn up you photo list – assign one person in each photo to be in charge of letting the guests know that they are in that photo and getting them together at the right time! Tell them well in advance of the wedding day.  They will feel boosted to have a responsibility at the wedding – and they will be grateful for this!  Make sure the toastmaster or person calling out the photos that are being taken know the guest that is in charge of each if the photos – basically so that there is a simple chain of command!  By doing it this way everything should run smoothly!

4. Staggering Photos and with Lunch

If you have a relatively small number of seats for lunch and so need to stagger when guests go to lunch, using this time when the photos are being take can be really useful! Guests that are not in the photos or in the last few can go for lunch 1st and the others can eat lunch after!

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